Juliet van Otteren


Juliet van Otteren's first passions were dance and riding her horses bareback across the countryside. As an adult she studied various philosophical disciplines and lived for a number of years in the Middle East and the Himalayas, where she first explored portrait photography.

During the 80’s Juliet worked in Manhattan as a photographer, but seeking a more peaceful environment to pursue her artwork, chose in 1989 to move to the English countryside. Almost as soon as she arrived, the National Portrait Gallery in London began to acquire her work and within a year Juliet created precedent law by becoming the first photographer ever to be granted an artist's working visa to the U.K.

For the next ten years Juliet created her art in England and in France, finally returning to live in the USA in the late 90’s. Today Juliet continues to travel the world creating unique images that are housed in the collections of major museums on three continents.

Juliet’s photography book, Heart of the Horse, was published by Barnes & Noble in 2004. She is currently working on three other books Being Dog, Portraits of Birds and Portraits of Writers.


Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA
International Center of Photography, NYC
Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain de Nice, France
Museum of the City of New York, NYC
National Portrait Gallery, London, UK
National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA
The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC


2007 April-May, International Museum of the Horse, KY, (1WS)
2006 Mumm Champagne Vineyards, CA, (2PS with Jeffrey Becom)
2005 June, John Cleary Gallery, TX, (1WS)
2005 February, AIPAD, NYC , NY
2005 January, Photo LA, CA
2004 Dec- Jan 05, Barry Singer Gallery, CA, (2PS with Jeffrey Becom)
2004 December, Barnes and Noble, Broadway & 66th Street, NYC, NY, (1WS)
2004 November, Barnes and Noble, 6th Avenue & 22nd, NYC, NY, (1WS)
2004 October, Barnes and Noble, Broadway & 82nd Street, NYC, NY, (1WS)
2004 October, Photography in New York
2004 October, Barnes and Noble, 5th Avenue & 48th Street, NYC, NY, (1WS)
2004 Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA
2004 July, Photo San Francisco, CA
2004 February, AIPAD, NYC , NY
2004 Jan-Feb, Houston Center for Photography, TX
2004 Jan-Feb, Barry Singer Gallery, CA
2003 December, Hostfelt Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003 Oct-Dec, Barry Singer Gallery, CA (2PS with Aaron Siskind)
2003 July, Photo San Francisco, CA
2003 The National Arts Club, NYC
2002 Art Chicago 2002 February, AIPAD, NYC, NY
2001 Messineo-Wyman Gallery, NYC
2000 Messineo-Wyman Gallery, NYC
2000 State of the Arts Gallery, Hartford, CT (2PS)
1999 M.P.G. Gallery, Boston, MA. (3PS with David Plowman)
1999 Cooley Gallery, Lyme, CT
1995 Chateau d' Entrecasteaux Museum, France, (1WS)
1994 Chateau d’Entrecasteaux Museum, France, (1WS)
1993 Assessorato per la Cultura, Cuneo, Italy, (1WS)
1993 Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
1993 Chateau d’Entrecasteaux Museum, France, (1WS)
1992 Portfolio Gallery, London, England, (2PS)
1992 Chateau d’Entrecasteaux Museum, France, (1PS)
1991 Portfolio Gallery, London, England, (2PS)
1990 Portfolio Gallery, London, England, (2PS)
1990 National Portrait Gallery, London, England
1989 Portfolio Gallery, London, England, (2PS)
1988 Neikrug Photographica, New York City, New York
1987 Hudson Center Galleries, Women Regard Men, The Male Nude, Manhattan
1985 Soho Photo
1984 Soho Photo

1WS = 1 person show, 2PS = 2 person show, 3PS = 3 person show.


Self-Portraits - Silver gelatin prints in editions of 19

My self-portrait series is a body of work, which was begun twenty years ago. I did not feel that they were ready to be exhibited until now and that is why they have never before been exhibited. My self-portraits are an exploration of the soul, expressed through the unmasking, defining and redefining of what is real and what is unreal in a life. It is the unmasking of an incarnation, a life laid bare. An examination of the various personas that make up a human being, not the ones we display to the public but those that we carry within ourselves, exposed if ever so fleetingly for the camera to catch and freeze in that moment in time.

Nude Studies - Silver gelatin prints mostly in editions of 19 to 25

Through movement, shape and emotional content, I am giving the viewer a chance to see the innate beauty of the human form. Over the years my work has evolved from my early classical full-tonal prints to the almost abstract look of my high contrast nudes. I have chosen to reduce the unimportant details in order to emphasize the composition, the beauty of form and the emotionality of my work.

Horse Studies - Silver gelatin prints in editions of 19

Combines the printing techniques I developed for my nude studies with my ability to encapsulate the complex emotionality of whatever it is I am photographing. "Heart of the Horse", a book of my horse studies was published by Barnes and Noble in September 2004

Dog Studies - Silver gelatin prints in editions of 29

My most recent series is the natural progression of my photographic studies, which encompass all living creatures. Being Dog, a book containing my studies of dogs will be published in 2006.